Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mikey and Chuck are Cool

At this point, anyone who is anyone has deleted their MySpace page and replaced it with the trendier Facebook (except me, who kicks it old school with e-mail). We scold MySpace for its superficiality, and look down upon the “not-that-hot” Tila Tequila; to everyone who isn’t a pedophile, MySpace has produced nothing good. But behind our backs, while America was watching “A Shot at Love” (seasons one AND two), Antoine "Mikey Rocks" Reed and Evan "Chuck Inglish" Ingersoll were cooking up something amazing.

Now known as “The Cool Kids”, the rap duo met through the MySpace in 2005 when Reed found one of Evan’s beats on said networking site—what began as a simple sale of the piece ended as a two hour recording session. Between then and now, the group has played shows with Flosstradamus and M.I.A., played CMJ Music Festival, Coahella, and Pitchfork Music Festival, and released tracks through Diplo and DJ A-Trak—basically, they’ve acquired a higher spot on the badassery scale.

More recently they released the “Bake Sale EP” on which they not only produced the cool jams, but also collaborated with hip-hop legends Kidz In The Hall, Pusha T and Bun B. They are set to release their first “real album”, “When Fish Ride Bicycles” later this year on C.A.K.E Recordings/Chocolate Industries, and are on the illusive bill for Rock the Bells. But unless you are bankin’, Rock the Bells is a bit out of your league. No worries, we have you more than covered.

The Cool Kids are coming to Emo’s on Wednesday, August 21st and we’re giving away a pair of free tickets. Yeah, you heard me, so send your full name to with Cool Kids in the subject line to win, and you’ll be one step to being an official member of the cool kids club.


Z said...

they have a pretty solid black cab session

Bona Fide Darling said...

They are playing tonight at The Granada Theater in Dallas. Should be a great show.