Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Monarch with Sad Accordians, Sunset, Zookeeper and others!?

Seeing five bands in a row is a daunting task, especially in a venue where the energy level just barely beats out a dentist's waiting room. So I am going cover the highlights, and let the charts speak for themselves.

Sad Accordians was the first band that played into the cavernous room at the Monarch. I was immediately hooked by Ben Lance's (who plays in Zookeeper) vocals, which gently filled the room with a heartbreaking honesty. The best songs were a slow electronic wash of instruments, where Ben's lyrics are clearly articulated overtop.

One of my favorite songs was a cover of the song (I can't help) Falling in Love with You, which was a truly beautiful twist on the old classic. A projector was set up in the middle of the room and images of vintage cartoons fluttered over them as they played. It was quite a festival for the eyes and ears, if not the active bodies (most people clung to their chairs on the edge of the room).


Ana said...

I've definitely been curious about The Monarch. Your charts are very helpful. ;)

sonic itch music said...

Seth Woods is actually the vocalist and principal lyricist for Sad Accordions. He does play in Zookeeper with Ben also.

Sussed Out said...

Your charts are brilliant.

Scotty Bones said...

I'm originally from Austin, now going to school in D.C.

Love your site, its great to be able to keep up with the music scene back home. Also, the charts are hysterical.

desperatebicyles said...

Ooo. good to know about the singer, it's hard to tell sometimes! thanks!