Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New National

I, quite simply, have three favorite bands/musicians...Bob Dylan, Radiohead, and The National. So when one of the three decides to show another artistic card, I am all ears. The National have been touring essentially nonstop since the release of critically acclaimed Boxer last year. The group has been to what seems like every U.S. city and just about every non-U.S. city, including Moscow, Melbourne, Lisbon, Mexico City, Dublin, Zurich, & Copenhagen (with Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo coming up in October).

During this massive tour there haven't been many updates in terms of new music, except for one song they performed in Copenhagen that is currently being called "A Thousand Black Cities" by various sources. The track sounds like it has tons of potential, even though the only version we have sounds like it was recorded under water. Someone was nice enough to rip this cut off of the youtube video.
Although it seems like they have everywhere to be, The National took the time to tack on another show at Austin's own Fun Fun Fun Fest in November.


Ian Morales said...

Blogging works. I was catching up on reading your blog today and looked up The National. I digg 'em. Good recommendation or endorsement.

Mr. Curiosity said...

cheers Ian, thanks for the feedback