Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Nouns Group

After seeing Nouns Group last month, and enjoying the hell out of it, I had to find out more about this band. Upon doing a little research and briefly exchanging pleasantries with frontman Christopher Mosley, here's what I know:

Nouns Group formed in 2005 following the dissolution of Early Lines. The band was created with a desire to try the often dubious combination of harsh music with strings, making use of a baritone guitar (in lieu of bass,) along with electric violin, guitar and drums. Nouns Group recorded an EP in November 2007 at The Key Club Recording Studio in Benton Harbor, Michigan. This particular studio was chosen after hearing incredible records by Electrelane and The Coughs which were recorded there, though the studio is more known for the bulk of The Fiery Furnaces recorded output.

Even though they have decided to remain somewhat anonymous in the digital realm, it appears that they have already started making a name for themselves in the Dallas area. The Observer had this to say:
"With members hailing from Plano and Denton, Nouns Group is one of those non-Dallas bands that are starting to dominate the North Texas music scene. Singer/guitarist Chris Mosley (formerly of Early Lines), drummer Nick Martin and bassist Britt Robisheaux make a propulsive racket of jagged melodies, discordant, slashing guitar and vocals more shouted than sung. Megan Carroll's electric violin, screaming over the din like a frantic banshee, elevates Nouns Group from serviceable harsh post-punk to something beautiful in spite of its frequent ugliness."
Nouns Group have mostly played shows in and around Texas, including several gigs with Health, and they will be touring again this Fall following the self-release of the EP. Few bands manage to make an impression on me within a very brief period of time, but that's exactly what Nouns Group have done. I will be keeping an eye on them and would recommend that you do the same. Here are a couple of unmastered tracks from the EP:


Megzeazez said...

That's great! I love these guys + girl, they're awesome people. I've been playing them on my radio show on KVRX for some time trying to get them some followers here in Austin since I've moved here.