Saturday, August 09, 2008

Sweet as Honey

The Hush Sound will be performing at Antone’s in Austin this Sunday, along with The Cab, Steel Train, and The Morning Light. I start with this semi-unoriginal opener because the Hush Sound has always struck me as more of a pop-rock Stubbs or La Zona Rosa-esque band, and not as a bluesy Antones band. However, this was before I listened to their newest effort.

Between the albums “Like Vines” and “Goodbye Blues” lead singer Greta Salpeter learned how to use vibrato as well as mature femininity, and could now be on her way to replacing Norah Jones as the queen of blue eyed soul. Their new sound isn’t vastly different from their old, and they won’t lose any fans because of it, but it has definitely pulled them out of the teeny-bopper demographic and into an older audience.

I have missed them every time they have come to Austin, and am almost glad that I did because this show will rock harder (and hopefully have less screaming 12 year olds) than anything they’ve done in the past. Check out the video to their not-so-new single, “Honey”—it’s pretty sweet (I’m so funny). See them do it live at Antone's tomorrow night, and visit for more.