Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tomorrow Night in Austin

Thursday night looks like an overly eventful evening in Austin, so it gets its very own post.

A handful of our favorite local bands have formed a pact to provide a quality evening of entertainment tomorrow night at Mohawk. Peel get things started on the outdoor stage at 10pm, and will be followed by the energetic ambiance of White Denim. Since everyone will be dripping sweat by this point, the party will head indoors for a couple of soothing sets from Brazos and Zookeeper. (Brazos will also perform with Sunset & The Early Tapes @ Art Attack on Saturday.)

Further down Red River there will be some heavier action going on at Beerland, with the California physch-rockers Spindrift headlining a bill of like-minded individuals from The Viet Minh, Toko Ri Get High, Restavrant. Moving even further south, The Heartless Bastards continue their foray into the Austin music scene with a second show at Continental Club.

Any of these three shows will get the job done.


Friday: Yelp, Melvins, Bun B
Saturday: Art Attack, MC Chris, Strings Attached