Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ACL Bands - Jamie Lidell

I am pretty sure it's a rule that if you're going to do a post on a British beatboxing soul singer then you have to get your readers in the right mood. We here at the Curiosity would like you to push play before going any further:
OK, now that we have you where we want you...Jamie Lidell plays the first day of ACL at 3:30 (and what should be one of the best ACL After Parties). This funky dude has been around a while (we gave you a heads up on one of his shows way back in 2006), but he keeps getting stronger and stronger. Lidell released his latest LP Jim the end of April, and a whole lotta people recommend that that you give it a spin.

By the time you've gotten to this sentence, "Little Bit of Feel Good" should be telling you why people love it. Jim has what people have always loved about Lidell, the crazy-fun-party-soul music oozing with energy, but this one also has a sense of musical maturity to it. Make no mistake, the album is cool, but I think it is a bit more refined then his previous effort, 2005's Multiply. It also has an album cover that is certifiably badass:

Lidell is known for his entertaining live performances, his spot at Lollapalooza was reportedly one of the highlights of the '08 festival, and he was the perfect opener when Beck played at the Backyard a few years ago, so make sure you don't miss this one at City Limits. Here's another good track we hope he plays...