Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Anniversary of Rocking

Emo's is celebrating their 16th Anniversary this week, which I'd say is definitely worth a pat on the back. As I think back on what was going on in my life 16 years ago, I'm mostly drawing a blank. I was probably in junior high spending my time listening to Billy Ray Cyrus or Garth Brooks or something. But that's okay, I've been making up for it ever since. Seeing a ton of shows at Emo's and various other spots on Red River has helped cover up some of those scars.

For their 16th Anniversary week Emo's is bringing GZA, The Genius of Wu-Tang Clan fame to perform his Liquid Swords album in its entirety. Liquid Swords arrived in '95 and greatly influenced the East Coast hip-hop renaissance, and has gone on to be ranked in the upper echelon of hip-hop albums by just about every relevant source. GZA has also performed the album in its entirety at the Pitchfork Music Festival and at All Tomorrow's Parties in England, so it must be a good draw.
You can also see this guy who calls himself Adventure, a new addition to Baltimore's Wham City scene, who makes accelerated electronic music that channels the 8-bit soundtracks of the Sega Genesis video game catalog. They've also got Ume, Eluvium, Mudhoney, and a handful of other enticing acts. There's a pretty good bill tonight in fact, with Lymbyc Systym and This Will Destroy You, the latter having just remixed a Lymbyc Systym track (along w/the likes of Daedelus) for an album that I'll bet they will be selling at the show. You can get more info on everything anniversary-related here and here.

If you are curious about the photo: Johnny Cash played at Emo's once upon a time, and the stool that he sat on hangs above the bar there.