Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fourth of July

Speaking of being hot and having things melt in your car (mmm summer), I have to mention one of my favorite bands from Kansas, Fourth of July. No, not the holiday, the five piece band that practices in their living room, and can claim that over half of their band is related (3 brothers!) They come from the small, but vibrant music scene of Lawrence, KS, which cultivated bands like the Get Up Kids, the New Amsterdams, and Mates of State.

Their first CD entitled Fourth of July on the Plains, from 2007, is not only named after summer, it sounds like summer. It is a perfectly laid back fusion of rock and folk that is one of the VERY few albums I listen to from beginning to end without being irritated. From the lively drum beat of their first song, "Be Careful" to the dazed twang of "Why did I drink so much last night?" to the high contagious sing along "She's in Love" it is continually delightful. There are enough catchy guitar hooks, witty lyrics, and trumpet interjections to keep you happy throughout summer. Here's a taste:
Fourth of July was also featured on Daytrotter in March of this year.