Monday, September 01, 2008

Fujiya & Miyagi: Lightbulbs

Fujiya & Miyagi really seem to be hitting their stride with their newest release, Lightbulbs. Not only is it miles better than their debut (Electro Karaoke in the Negative Style), but depending on what particular elements of music you're most attracted to, it's as good as their breakthrough album Transparent Things, if not better.

Expanding to a four-piece was a well-informed desicion, because on Lightbulbs straightforward instrumentation shares equal presence with their groove-filled electronic creations, which seems to breathe more life into everything they do. Transparent Things was basically a collection of singles, good ones mind you, but this new album is simply more complete, thorough, and well-formed.

The first single, "Knickerbocker", will easily get stuck in your head with its sweet-sounding repitition. Songs like "Sore Thumb", "Pterodactyls" and "Pussyfooting" are all solid, as is the album closing instrumental "Hundreds & Thousands." If you can't bob your head to this stuff, then you should get your neck looked at. Lightbulbs is out in the UK today via Full Time Hobby, and will hit the states soon enough. Fujiya & Miyagi will be on a very breif US tour at the end of October.