Wednesday, September 03, 2008

No Generation, No Deliverance

Lions will set the stage for the start of a three day Toadies bender at Stubb's tonight. Lions are as southern rock as it gets without donning a confederate flag. Their new release, No Generation, has been on the shelves for a couple of months but will be re-released nationally on Oct. 28th. Good on you, Austin, for showing them some love.

Lions have been one of the more successful rock bands out of ATX in the last couple of years. This came as a result of their tough-as-nails work ethic, relentless touring (support for Local H and Toadies), and a little help from their friends at Guitar Hero, who featured their song "Heavy Metal Lady" (from their first release Volume 1) on the third installment in their pseudo rock star game.

On their new disc, Lions keep to the formula of KISS (keep it simple, stupid) and rock hard throughout the duration to get that headbanging action you need. Don't be surprised if they outshine Toadies on some of their dates across America in the coming weeks. Expect some heavy riffs, mighty screams, lots of hair and a truly entertaining show. Get there early to catch the magic.

Check out some cuts from the new Lions disc:

I made a point of catching every single reunion Toadies show in and around Austin the last three years always thinking it would be the last. But just like KISS or Black Sabbath, Toadies love getting your dollar enough to entice you out with a "this may be the last time so you better go to this show" promotional effort. But unlike K and BS, Toadies have a brand new album!

They will be showcasing the new product on their three-day stand at Stubb's beginning tonight, and this Fall on their US tour. No Deliverance debuted at #59 on Billboard last week and the new single by the same name has been steadily jamming across the airwaves - especially in Texas. (note: It irks me when bands name albums with title tracks. No single track should ever encompass what the entire album is about.)

The music on the new CD should not come as a surprise to anyone. Same kind of riffs, same kind of vocals, same rock that you come to expect by Fort Worth's Finest. But you are going to the show to sing along to the first album right? Lions open tonight. Riverboat Gamblers and One Mississippi open tomorrow and RG and locals Faceless Werewolves open Friday's concert. Get your tix from Stubb's.

Here are a couple of cuts from the new Toadies album:


Ian Morales said...

I have had The Lions CD for bit now. I got it at the Guitar Hero tourney they performed at back in February. Good album folks.

Anonymous said...

If you like the level of energy that LIONS bring to Austin, TX... check this out: