Friday, September 19, 2008

Roky Erickson & Black Angels

Talk about a perfect match - The Black Angels and Roky Erickson are in the studio together. This is the kind of news that I like to hear. While hanging out with the Sonic Itch folks at the Mogwai show we ran into one of the Angels. They told us that the band are collaborating with the legendary musician on several pieces of material, some of which is previously unreleased.

Roky Erickson pretty much invented the term "psychedelic music" in the 60's, eventually inspiring the Black Angels to pick up the trade and establish residency in Austin, so it makes perfect sense that they would end up working together. The band plans to take this show on the road for a handful of dates, opening for Roky in addition to performing as his backing band. I also heard a rumor that they will debut this partnership for Erickson's performance at ACL Fest on Saturday at 7:45pm, so maybe we'll all get to see it.

To tie this whole story together, Mogwai invited Roky Erickson to add vocals to the song "Devil Rides" from their Batcat EP, making it quite a rarity for the all-instrumental band. It's nice to see all of this mutual respect flying around.