Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Walkmen: You & Me

If you're still waiting for the Walkmen to re-create a song like "The Rat," you might want to stop holding your breath. =This shouldn't be any sort of detraction, though the band can't seem to distance themselves from that notion. The Walkmen have been doing some different things with each new album since their debut, but most of what that you heard on the critically acclaimed follow-up Bows + Arrows has turned into a more muted, contemplated form of introspection.

Even the aggressive and fast-paced tempo of A Hundred Miles Off is nowhere to be found on You & Me, their fourth full-length album, which was just released last month. Regardless of whatever might be missing, or what things might have changed for this band over the years, I think this newest effort is their strongest since Bows + Arrows. Some people are calling it the best of their career, which I wouldn't necessarily disagree with.

There is no feeling of rigidity to this album, and the whole thing seems to flow really well from front to back, especially the middle section of "Red Moon", "Canadian Girl," and "Four Provinces." These three songs almost sound like they were created simultaneously, which keeps your interest without being so in your face like some of the cuts that were found on A Hundred Miles Off.

Even if I were to nitpick I still wouldn't be able to find many bad things to say about You & Me. Other than certain parts of the album being a bit too slow for my taste, I think The Walkmen hit their mark with this one.