Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Weird Era Cont.

It's a shame that Bradford Cox seems to keep failing at the internet. First Deerhunter's new album Microcastle leaked almost five months early, then, when the guy tried to give fans a free “Virtual 7 Inch” containing two songs via the band's blog, he accidentally provided a link to an entire library of downloads that included two full, unreleased albums. One is titled Weird Era Cont., which was intended as a surprise bonus disc to the Microcastle album. The other is Logos, the second album from his side-project known as Atlas Sound.

The folder was made totally accessible to the public, and even contained various demos and other half-recorded songs. The gaffe was reported by Paste, Pitchfork, Prefix, among others. I seriously doubt any of this was planned, (he published, then deleted a tirade on the blog), but it may still end up working in his favor. I say this because I wasn't much of a Deerhunter fan until I heard Microcastle, and I had a seemingly well-formed opinion after already having seen the band live and listened to their previous releases. But at this point Microcastle is one of my favorite albums of 2008, and I think the accompanying Weird Era Cont. is equally brilliant.

I'll be making a point purchase both discs on the physical release date, (assuming Weird Era gets finished and released), and I'll buy a ticket to their December 2nd date at Emo's. Would I have made plans to do any of this if I hadn't been able to fully try them out in advance? Most likely not. As I said previously, I was pretty certain that I wasn't a fan of Deerhunter, nor any other Bradford Cox creation. But here I am today, blogging up a storm about this band, turning my friends onto them, and recommending that you, dear reader, give them a shot.

So thank your lucky stars for the internet, and for philanthropic artists who have trouble using it. Here are a couple of (unmastered) tracks from Weird Era Cont. to try out. Let's hope we can all go to a record store and buy it on October 28. Microcastle is available digitally via iTunes until then.