Monday, October 06, 2008

Fleet Foxes Live

Here is something for all of you Fleet Foxes fans out there. I recently became a fan after seeing them live for the first time, so I'm one of the newer members of your club. The band was at The Black Cat in DC on the 7th of July, just a few days after their highly acclaimed debut album was released, and some good person had the foresight to record the performance. There's no "Ragged Wood", but this recording is otherwise fantastic. Push the play button if you want to hear what it sounds like.
  1. "Sun Giant"
  2. "Sun It Rises"
  3. "Drops in the River"
  4. "English House"
  5. "White Winter Hymnal"
  6. "Your Protector"
  7. "He Doesn’t Know Why"
  8. "Crayon Angels" (Judee Sill cover) / "Oliver James"
  9. "Mykonos "
  10. "Blue Ridge Mountains"
  11. "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song"
Click here if you want to read what people are saying about the album, otherwise point your browser to their page on Sub Pop Records.


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