Monday, October 13, 2008

Gang Of Four

I was at a house party a few weeks ago, and there was a big turntable system set up that people were taking turns spinning records on. I recognized most of the stuff that was playing throughout the night, but there were a couple of times that a song that sounded like punk and funk at the same time. I went up and asked the guy what he was playing, and he said Gang of Four. He also said that if I had never listened to them I should pick up their debut album and then go from there.

Well, he was right. Gang of Four's debut album, Entertainment!, is exactly that. It's like punk music you can dance to, and every song on the album, front-to-back, is a winner. I had trouble even deciding which ones I should include in this post. The album was included in Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time, and the track "At Home He's a Tourist" made Q Magazine's list of the 100 greatest guitar tracks. If you haven't already, find some time to take this album for a spin. Get more info Gang of Four's official website.


Anonymous said...

a friend from DC gave me this vinyl back in 86 when i was ending high school. changed my whole outlook on music. GOF influenced many many bands... the police notibly...

Great record. a bit heavy on the punk/current events/world affairs... i was never that into some of the lyrics.. but the arrangements and formula that band had was brilliant.