Tuesday, October 14, 2008

High Places & Reefer

High Places is the Brooklyn duo of Robert Barber and Mary Pearson. Their self-titled debut, available via Thrill Jockey, is an oddly hypnotizing mixture of barely-there vocal melodies, sampled sounds, tribal percussion, and almost dance-worthy beats. These two young folks truly have a unique sound, and fans of Person Pitch should definitely take High Places for a spin. The use of headphones is highly recommended, as there is a lot of cool ambient stuff going on.

In a few days they will embark on a lengthy European tour, but tonight they will be at Emo's with Austin's own Mothfight!.

You may know Nick Thorburn of Islands, The Unicorns, and Human Highway fame. Now that he has teamed up with Los Angeles-based hip-hop producer/engineer Daddy Kev, you can add a new name to the list: Reefer.

After the two isolated themselves on the Hawaiian island of Maui in order to create something new, they came away with hip-hop record crossed with tropical party music. Their self-titled album is somewhat conceptual in nature, containing six tracks that are separated by three interludes, as well as two swell remixes by Flying Lotus and Dntel. Covering "Blue Moon" was a nice touch. It's fun stuff.
If you don't know Flying Lotus, get familiar:
"Flying Lotus is commonly identified as a hip hop producer, but his style is drawn from many genres, including jazz, electronic and Brazilian music. Because of this, he is often likened to producers such as Madlib, Jneiro Jarel and J Dilla despite the fact that all the mentioned musicians have distinctly unique styles."


Mess With Texas said...

The music scene in Austin seems downright amazing. How in the world did a place like Austin, TX become the new music mecca?