Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sword Saturday

Looking back through the archives, it looks like I told you about The Sword over two years ago. I almost feel like a hypocrite because I still haven't seen this band perform, but that will change on Saturday night when The Sword will have their big stage local debut at Stubb's with Clutch and Graveyard.

Metal music is hardly ever something I search for, but I can rock out to The Sword just about any day of the week. I've picked up both of their albums, Age of Winters and Gods of the Earth, and they really are great representations of the genre. Their style of metal is closer to Sabbath and early Metallica than anything, and these guys are really on top of their game. In fact, The Sword will be opening for Metallica on their upcoming Death Magnetic tour. Kind of a big deal. You should put the Saturday show on your list of things to do, it will be a good one.
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fishdog said...

just saw them open for Metallica and they were nuts. great energy and sound. the crowd seemed to love 'em, too.

go see them!!!