Monday, November 24, 2008

Alias - Resurgam

Portland's purveyor of "abstract hip-hop," Alias, aka Brendon Whitney, released a new album this year on the anticon label. It's called Resurgam, which I'm told is Latin for "I shall rise again." This is his first proper album in four years, and features collaborations with Why? (Well Water Black) and the One AM Radio (Weathering). My personal favorite is the ode to percussion "I Heart Drum Machines," but there are a number of standout tracks on this one.

Anticon calls it "an album of heavy, intricate rhythms, as evidenced by introductory banger “New To A Few,” and “M.G. Jack,” which begins with the cool asceticism of Boards Of Canada, but peaks with an Avalanches-like exuberance, interweaving patterns of distorted beat-boxing, live percussion, Casio-styled effects, and burbling synth." The A.V. Club reviewed it here, and there are a few more at the link.