Friday, November 28, 2008

From the Garage

I have a huge sweet spot for garage rock and any similar genres like garage punk, surf rock, and rockabilly. Some of the more stuff I've posted in this vein includes bands like the Ooga Boogas, Black Lips, Demon's Claws, Strange Boys, Jay Reatard, etc. I always have my ears open to any garage goodness I come across, but it can be difficult because a lot of the good stuff is somewhat obscure and only released on vinyl through labels most people are unfamiliar with.

But, I have found some cool garage music recently that has been occupying a lot of my time. Ty Segall is a one-man-band from San Fran who also plays in other area garage bands, including Epsilons. His self-titled debut is full of catchy, lo-fi garage-blues brilliance. Austinist says a few words about Ty Segall here. The Oh Sees are another great San Fran garage rock band with ties to several other bands, but their catalog is much deeper and they feature a female vocalist.

Harlem are an Austin by way of Tennessee garage pop trio who Austin Sound says "combine the best elements of local favorites White Denim and the Strange Boys into one roguish blitz of infectious melody and scruffy guitars." I also stumbled upon this super awesome radio show from garage legend Greg Cartwright that is a must-hear. Check out a track (Ike & Tina) from the show below, and get the full thing here and here.