Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Torche @ Red 7

Strap on your boots, tomorrow is gonna be crazy at Red 7. Miami rockers Torche will return from their mighty summer tour with Boris to showcase their gnarly guitar solos and beast-like drumming at Red 7.

Austin360 calls Torche "melodic, anthemic and strikingly heavy," picking their album Meanderthal as one of the year's best.

Along for the ride will be San Fran's Black Cobra who will scream in your face and Bean Town's Clouds, who formed in the wake of Cave In's collapse. The show starts at 9pm, and tickets may be obtained here.


uselessgoo said...

The show was awesome. 8 bands for 10 bux. During Torche's set some drunk guy got on stage and the singer threw him in the crowd. Awesome use of a rocker wearing a cowboy hat. Clouds and Torche were rocking most excellently.