Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Have Fun This Week

Blogger has made a recent habit of deleting some of my posts, which has me considering making a switch to another service in the near future. You can read a discussion on the whole thing at Berkeley Place. This is part of the reason that there has not been a lot of recent activity on this blog.

I have a hard time spending time creating posts if there's a possibility that they will continue to magically disappear. I'm not giving up on this whole thing by any means, I just may have to alter my approach a little bit. I'm pretty sure that I am still within my rights to let you know about musical adventures you can find in this town, so here are a few for this week:

Today at 6pm Trail of Dead will be playing an instore at End of an Ear, the coolest record store on the south side. The band just released a new EP called Festival Thyme to stir up some interest about their new full length due in January '09. More info on that is here.

There will be some good hip-hop at Emo's tonight in the form of The Mighty Underdogs. They are a supergroup of sorts, formed by rappers Gift of Gab and Lateef the Truth Speaker, who collaborated with folks like Chali 2na, MF Doom, and Lyrics Born for their album Dropping Science Fiction, released last month on Definitive Jux. More info on that is here.

Let's see..what else is going on this week. A free show by Mix Master Mike? Count me in. But then again, Brightblack Morning Light are playing that night too. Decisions, decisions. Friday night is similary booked solid. Diplo will be doing his thing at Emo's with tropical punks Abe Vigoda, electronic wiz Boy 8-Bit, and Telepathe, who recorded their debut album with TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek. Down the street, Ott will be blowing people's minds at Parish. He's the man behind Hallucinogen In Dub, which I told you about previously.

And there's a little thing called Fun Fun Fun Fest happening all weekend. It kicks off at Mohawk on Friday night with After The Jump and Local Music is Sexy, featuring Brothers and Sisters, Lovely Sparrows, Leatherbag, and a bunch more. After checking out Z-Trip, Dan Deacon, YACHT, Parts and Labor et al. at the fest on Saturday, the afterparty will be supplied by White Denim, Dead Confederate and Apollo Sunshine at Mohawk.

Sunday at Fun Fest is NOT to be missed. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Black Angels, Ume, Black Loe Lewis, Annuals, Clipse...all kinds of awesome. Tickets are still available at the link. I'll be sure to let you know how everything turns out, hopefully Blogger won't delete the entire blog between now and then.