Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Little Joy

Little Joy is a new collaboration between Brazilian singer-guitarist Rodrigo Amarante of Los Hermanos, drummer Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes, and Los Angeles-based musician Binki Shapiro. When the three friends got together not long ago to simply record a few songs, they ended up with this self-titled gem of a pop album, mixing together a carefree attitude with south-of-the-border influences and elements of Beach Boys-esque 60's pop.

Though sounding like an album recorded totally on a whim, Little Joy was produced by Noah Georgeson (Devandra Banhart), released worldwide via Rough Trade Records, and has received a lot of positive critical reception. One of the most accurate quotes I've read about the album goes something like this:
"LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy once told me he could imagine in 15 years’ time, he might be having a barbecue, and someone would dig out the Strokes’ debut from a pile of old CDs and, as the half-forgotten power-pop drifted across the summer lawns, he would realize, “You know what? That was a great little record! A perfect barbecue record!” The modest genius of Little Joy is that now he (or you) doesn’t have to wait 15 years."
Once you hear it you'll understand what he's talking about. They are making the most of this new project with a not-so-little tour, which will come through Austin this Saturday, November 29th, at the Parish. If you're feeling the economy crunch, there are free tickets available at the link.