Friday, November 21, 2008

More Caribou

I have talked about this band quite a few times in the past, but I feel like rambling on about Caribou again today. With this type of music you don't always see a band that is both great in the studio and also able to put on a great live show, but Caribou excels at both. Their previous show in Austin was fantastic, and the 2007 studio album won the 2008 Polaris Music Prize. That award came with some prize money that is currently going both towards the new album recording, and to two separate Canadian charities.

The album that dropped before that one, The Milk of Human Kindness, is also great. Here is the Pitchfork review. The video above is from the 2007 "Pink Room Sessions," and I found a link to the audio from that session here. Click here to listen to the Caribou station on Pandora, which will also bring up a bunch of cool stuff like Bonobo, Architecture in Helsinki, Thievery Corporation, etc. You can listen to more Caribou at the link.