Friday, November 14, 2008

Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights is an electronica duo from Fort Collins who are complemented by a drummer in a live setting. I just heard some of their stuff yesterday, and liked it immediately. They will be doing their "organic, dubby, glitchy live show for the senses" at the Parish tonight with Eoto, aka The String Cheese Incident percussionists, who do improvised breakbeat, house, and dubstep.

Check out a few minutes of Pretty Lights below. If you dig it, you can download all of their stuff for free at


Alan Taylor said...

These guys are amazing. Eoto and Pretty lights both.
Thank you for bringing them to me.

cubikmusik said...

lovin' this!
nice find mate.


Mr. Curiosity said...

glad to know you guys are digging it

Russell said...

This is ridiculously good. Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

Just a small correction, Pretty Lights is one guy named Derek Smith. He's incredible.

Anonymous said...

Not a duo homie.