Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2008 Live Bands, Lists

I am just about done editing my favorite albums of 2008 list, which I should be able to put up here tomorrow. Not only was the task of deciding what albums I like the most a daunting one, but there were still a handful of albums that I needed to hear before I felt comfortable publishing such a list. I'm still trying to keep it from running longer than 25 albums, but as I look back on the year I recognize just how many albums are worthy of a mention.

So until I can put the final touches on that one, here is a list of the best live bands I saw in Austin in 2008. It's sort of a guide to bands I think you should pay money to see if you have a chance. I did something similar last year. At the bottom of this post I'll link to a bunch of other good lists that have already been published, be sure to take a look around.

25 of the Best Live Bands I saw in 2008:

Best of SXSW: (link)
Best of ACL: (link)
Best of Fun Fun Fun Fest: (link)
Best of the Best of Lists:
Local Lists: (send me yours)


Danny said...

can't wait for the list lawrence, here's mine

Mr. Curiosity said...

Cool, gotcha covered

Ryan said...

Nice list. I agree with much and several you have as best I would consider adding to my honorable mention.

Smash! Smash!