Thursday, December 04, 2008


"See/Saw" was the first A-Side in a series of limited seven-inch singles that Memphis garage-pop-punk maestro Jay Reatard released this year under his new label, Matador Records. Austin-based media collective Super!Alright! are the folks behind this three-minute clip, his first music video, showing the band having some fun riding shopping carts, running train tracks, disrobing and rocking out in a deserted hobo pad.

"The video artfully pays homage to the 90s slacker aesthetic while highlighting the inherent, seemingly effortless pleasures of the song itself." Click here to read the rest of the thorough, thoughtful description provided by the Dell Lounge. If you find yourself running around in France this week, you can catch Jay Reatard at the Transmusicales Festival along with The Black Angels.