Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Soft Pack?

A few weeks ago I offered up a couple of tracks from The Muslims, a new garage rock band out of San Diego. As of today, for some unknown reason, they are the band formerly known as The Muslims. Their new title is The Soft Pack, which isn't nearly as controversial, but does make me want to go buy some cigarettes.

Stereogum said they sound like Velvet Underground, the Strokes, Stooges and Replacements all rolled into one. Try out their 10-track vinyl release on 1928, and their 7'' single here. Something tells me you will be seeing The Muslims, err The Soft Pack, in Austin this March for SXSW.


Jo Schmo said...

V-e-r-y inter-esting. If this band ever makes it big, they will be explaining this name change for a long time to come.


Their management said people will be put off seeing a band called The Muslims. (Are they muslims? Is it a band? Is it ironic? Will default mode hyper-sensitive real Mulims wanna blow me up at a gig because of the name? Will right -wingers wanna blow me up because of the name?