Tuesday, December 09, 2008

This Week in Austin

Winter is upon us, but if you want to throw on a jacket and get out there to see some live music in Austin this week, here are a few shows that I would recommend.

After movie night tomorrow, Thursday is busy with The Ting Tings and Eagles of Death Metal at Emo's, while The Laughing and Via Audio are at Stubb's. Our old pals Transmography is playing Creekside Lounge on Friday, which seems like the new hot spot. Saturday is pretty crazy, with far too many good shows happening all at once. Take your pick:
Ice Cube is at the Mohawk on Sunday, and he's not there to shoot some lame family movie. The Fat Burger fan got back into music this year with an album called Raw Footage, which has been called his best work in seventeen years. An up-and-coming wordsmith out of Austin named Zeale will help supply the afterparty.

Zeale has been putting in lots of work around town, appearing at SXSW, Fun Fun Fun Fest, and putting on high-energy live shows with Boombox ATX, Los Bad Apples, and his battle-rapping comrade Phranchyze. The Austin Chronicle has a few words about 'em at the link.


uselessgoo said...

Local H for me and some transmography and lick lick.

check out eagles of death metal on crank interview here.

U1ahBme said...

Skip Ice Cube. His Opening act Trick Trick is a veral bigot and supporter of hate speach.


Mr. Curiosity said...

Yeah, just saw this