Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The White Bitch

Voodoo Fest 2008 was such a delight this year with killer headliners, great weather, easy access to stages and fantastic local music. The White Bitch set up shop on The NooMoon Stage right next to some glass blowers to provide early attendees some magic even though some technical difficulties were making things a little less enjoyable for the musicians basking onstage in the NOLA sun. They were pretty rockin' live.

The White Bitch is Michael Patrick Welch's 7-year dream coming to fruition with collaborator Ray Bong of The Bongoloids. On the disc, rocking guitar licks and high vox are positioned over MPW's drum programming and various blips and bleeps. We caught up with The White Bitch after his performance at Voodoo Fest, and it went something like this:

Check out some of his tunes at myspace, and visit Nola for a nice review of Prey Drive. You can get the album at iTunes, and if you're celebrating New Year's Eve in Austin tomorrow, you can catch TWB opening for the funk-blues-soul-R&B ensemble known as T-Bird & The Breaks. The show info is right here.


Anonymous said...

Thnx for the T Bird & The Breaks track. I really like them.

Again a new little dicovery for me, thanks to your blog.


Stephen said...

Voodoo Fest really was the best ever