Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2009 TBA

I have been really tied up with work and having too much fun at Free Week, but I will commence to regular blogging soon enough. I hate not having a bunch of tunes up here for you to check out. Here are a few things I have been meaning to post:

Tonight I'm going to catch SuperLiteBike and Tia Carrera, then Ume and El Paso Hot Button on Thursday. I haven't had a chance to see The Strange Boys since ACL, so I will do that on Friday along with The Ugly Beats. Then Brazos, Transmography and Daniel Francis Doyle all sound good for Saturday.

Otherwhere, Black Mountain released a single on green vinyl via SubPop in November. I like the A-side "Lucy Brown." And Go listen to the new disco-lounge mix by Ian Orth at Learning Secrets, who is bringing Hercules & Love Affair to Austin on Saturday, January 31st. And don't miss the 2008 Music Blog Zeitgeist at Hype Machine. For real.