Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mohawk Thursday

You have to give props to a band that would make the extra effort to actually film a video skit to promote their show. Plus, it's pretty funny. That last part cracks me up every time. Three cheers for SuperLiteBike.

It would be great more local bands embrace this kind of technology to get the word out about their shows. I'm sure that everyone has seen enough flyers already, and this just gives things a little more spice. In case the video was still not informative enough, you can find out more about this show at the link.


Manny Morales said...

First, I agree the video is funny. Second, the video makes me more inclined to be at the Mohawk on Thursday. Thanks you and SuperLiteBike. Manny.

shawn said...

As a big, big fan of music and of video, this is a great thing. Funny indeed. BTW, twas a great show.

Ajay at 'NITES said...

Awesome video. It's refreshing to see a band have that much fun and show that much enthusiasm. There are bands in this town that won't even so much as post a damn Myspace bulletin until the day of their show. It's like, c'mon, you gotta promote more than that. SuperLiteBike always brings it, on stage and off. Check out my blog for videos of these guys when they were known as A Pocketful of Deng.