Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Black Lips in India

Last Saturday the Black Lips entertained an audience in Chennai, India with what stateside fans would consider a typically raucous Black Lips show. There was intra-band lip locking, de-pantsing, and an attempt by guitarist Cole Alexander to play his six-string with his man parts. Barely okay in America, definitely NOT okay in India, the band was subsequently chased out of the country under threat of incarceration.

To clear up some of the not-so-accurate information that that washed up on American shores afterword, VBS.tv is publishing a series of videos that document what exactly went down - entitled "The Black Lips in India." Caution: man parts are included. Here's another new one from their forthcoming Vice album, 200 Million Thousand.


theneedledrop said...

America rules: Reason # 245

MusicLover647 said...

That is too funny.