Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon's new album, Bromst, will be dropping March 24th via Carpark. The record has been in the works for about three years, and unlike the 2007 fan-favorite Spiderman of the Rings, which was basically a one-man electronic show, Bromst was recorded live and written to be performed by a 15 person band. The album kind of begins to come unraveled around song #7, but the first 30+ minutes of Bromst are a fantastic trip, and probably more accessible than some of the moments on Spiderman. Here's some press:
"For the last three years Dan Deacon has been working on Bromst. Fusing together the growing intensity of his live performances with his background in electro-acoustic composition, the outcome is a collection of pieces that are intense and epic and at the same time down to earth and welcoming. Bromst embodies the same energy and excitement as Spiderman of the Rings, however the craftsmanship and composition on Bromst have a wider scope and richer palette.

Unlike the completely electronic Spiderman of the Rings, the instrumentation on Bromst is a mixture of acoustic instruments, mechanical instruments, samples and electronics. The player piano, marimba, glockenspiel, vibraphone, live drums, winds and brass give Bromst a much richer tone than his previous work. The intricate and complex parts, skillfully executed by the performers, are woven together into a rich, dense, noisy dance pop that has become Dan Deacon's signature sound."
Deacon has enlisted some fellow Baltimore noise makers to help him out on tour, which will commence shortly after the album release. There are no Austin dates on the schedule this time around, so if any locals want to see the show we'll have to roadtrip to Houston or Ft. Worth. Word has it that Dan is going to play Longhorn Caverns in April, cave-party style. Now that is more like it!

Read an early review of Bromst here, and hear a new tune below. I included the pic of Dan at Coachella just because it is cool.


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