Friday, February 13, 2009

SXSW Wristbands

Here's the word on wristbands for SXSW 2009:

  • All advance wristband sales are at
  • Wristbands are $129 for the first-come, first-served sale
  • You will pick up your wristband on-site at SXSW
  • You can buy one wristband for yourself and one for a friend
  • All purchasers must use a credit card with a local billing address
  • To be notified of the sales date text the word “join” to 47979.

Read the the full list of SXSW wristband details at the link.


cubikmusik said...

i think i'm gonna unsubscribe to ya'll blogs until after sxsw!
its killin' me!