Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The bonobo species is a pretty interesting animal in itself. It appears that after the Congo River made its presence, the bonobo was separated from it's sister species, the common chimpanzee. This was due to it being a poor swimmer, and so they remain endangered and only survive in the Democratic Republic of Congo. That's from Wiki.

Knowing this, now listen to Bonobo (Simon Green), the Ninja Tunes downtempo badass. You can hear the landscape of the Congo River in his tunes. In "Sugar Rhyme" from his Animal Magic album, those long calls from the saxophone ooze across the mix with a sense of danger lurking ahead. The beat drops and we start traveling on this slow and steady boat tour.

After coming out with his debut album in 2000, which he produced himself and played most of the instruments you hear, Ninja Tunes gobbled him up the next year. He's put out a few albums, released several mixes and remixes, and is now contributing to other artist's music by way of producing. Check out Andreya Triana. He's recently finished up producing her new album, and it should be coming out this summer. She has a great voice, and it should be a great album with Bonobo guiding her.

Ninja Tunes has just released a 10" single of a remix of "Between the Lines", with the B-side being a remix of "Recurring" by New York's own Mice Parade. The Mice Parade remix sounds like it's using Kevin Shield's tricks with the reverse guitar loops and changing tape speed. It definitely has elements of shoegazer all over it, which is an interesting take on Bonobo's original composition that more beat-driven.

We can only guess that this was released three years later to prepare us for something new from Bonobo. Keep an eye out for more from him soon, and be sure and check out the new Andreya Triana album this summer.


Anonymous said...

Awesome thanks! Love Bonobo, amazing artist. You might also enjoy Dextro's remix of Recurring, he played with Bonobo a few years back at the Forum in London, and has just released a new album too. Here is the link: