Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Calm Before The Storm

I was checking out all the shows coming up for this South by Southwest thing everyone's talking's intimidating.  Shows, shows and more shows for days and days all over Austin. What bands do I want to see?  Hold Steady?  HEALTH? Delta Spirit? Deer Tick? Beach House? Black Joe?  Do you go to Stubb's or Emo's or Auditorium Shores or that church I heard was having shows?  I haven't even gotten to parties...

All this got me thinking, I need some tunes to relax to.  So I thought I would post some tracks I throw on when I just need to kick back and chill out.

I love both these older National tracks.  "About Today" is off the Cherry Tree EP, "Lucky You" is from the Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers album.

Tom Waits is the man.  Very few can write songs like this guy.

Here are a couple of chill tracks from Austin's Peter & The Wolf.


Anonymous said...

GREAT music from 3 of the greats.