Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Daytrotter - Deer Tick

I like to catchup with Daytrotter every once in a while. It's been mentioned on this site from time to time, just a fantastic place to check out bands and download tracks. I saw the link to a session with a Curiosity favorite, Deer Tick, and went straight to it. There's a pretty cool article and four recordings. Two of the tracks are off their last release War Elephant, but there are two others that I hadn't heard before. I posted one below, a song called "The Ghost", check it out.


Tasteless said...

Deer Tick was great at the Emo's Annex day show. I had watched some YouTube footage and was skeptical. No more of that. Seems like they've really honed in on the better parts of their sound and started expanding in those areas.

OutlawBlues said...

Agreed. I think they have tons of potential. Hopefully their next album is a good one and takes their sound further.