Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Department of Eagles

Here is the music video for Department of Eagles' "No one Does It Like You," produced by the Directors Bureau, directed by Patrick Daughters and Marcel Dzama, and featuring costumes and sets designed by Dzama. Department of Eagles consists of longtime friends and collaborators Daniel rossen (of Grizzly Bear) and Fred Nicolaus, and the duo's second release, In Ear Park (4AD), was named one of the top ten albums of 2008 by the New York Times.

Patrick Daughters's directing career began in film school, where he created a trio of award-winning shorts. He has subsequently built a much-lauded body of work, including music videos for Feist, Beck, Interpol, The Shins, and many others. Marcel Dzama is a renowned New York City-based artist who works in a wide range of mediums, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and film. More...


Manny Morales said...

Wow, amazing video. It was kind of eerie and sad because of its underlying message. Plus I don't believe we'll be seeing this video on mainstream music TV channels. Thanks, Manny