Monday, March 30, 2009

New single from Sunset

I become a bigger fan of Sunset with each new release. If you didn't already know, Sunset is the recording project and band of Bill Baird, formerly of Sound Team. The latest from Sunset is a seven-inch 45rpm vinyl single, featuring the piano banger "Loveshines II" on the A-side. It's a live, full band recording with a full band live overdub, which we first heard on the Daytrotter session last summer.

The B-side "I’m Not a Perfect Person" is also brilliant, a Bill Baird-only track that was written, recorded and mixed around 5am during the same all-night studio sessions from which "Loveshines II" comes. The single is strictly limited to 500 copies, and can be yours for just $4 from Autobus. Here's a taste:
...and here's the opening number on the intriguing Bright Blue Dream: