Thursday, April 16, 2009


While countless new bands have imitated the pop sounds made famous by Montreal's music export, CLUES counts among its members originators of that sound. CLUES is comprised of Alden Penner (Unicorns) and Brendan Reed (Arcade Fire,) along with multi-instrumentalists Ben Borden (Les Automates de Maxime de la Rochefoucauld), Lisa Gamble (Gambletron, Evangelista, Hrsta) and Nick Scribner (Chaotic Insurrection Ensemble.) The band's shows are frenetic and theatrical, featuring multiple drummers and unique instrumentation.

CLUES began in 2007 and has kept a low profile, playing a series of un-advertised shows in Montreal’s lofts & small venues. Despite a near media black-out, their first above-ground performances have elicited passionate response and following from audiences & have caught the attention of numerous music media
. Montreal’s Constellation Records will be releasing their debut, self-titled album on May 18th.
From the label:

"This debut record yields one undeniable tune after another. It is one of those albums that coheres effortlessly in spite of the restless energy and distinct identity of each song – nothing ever really sounds or stays the same, but neither are there any forced spastics or facile schizophrenics. Forged from postpunk, no-wave and psych influences, Clues compose a rare breed of complex pop anthems that consistently inscribe their own perfect limits, without overreaching and without pandering."