Friday, April 10, 2009

Dirty Rap Weekend

I can vividly recall the first time I ever heard a Too Short rhyme. I was in 8th grade, playing some basketball with a few kids in my neighborhood, when one of the guys put a cassette tape in the boombox and started playing "Blowjob Betty." I had never heard anything so dirty, and I was pretty sure I would get into trouble for even listening to it. That pretty much meant we all thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Sixteen years and nine albums later, I finally have a chance to attend a Too Short concert. He'll be performing at the Mohawk on Saturday night, who have recently hosted other legendary hip-hop artists like Ice Cube, Kool Keith, and KRS ONE. The show will kick off early (doors at 8pm) with a bunch of local hip-hop talent, and tickets are available here. Thanks to Transmission for hooking us up.


Also, the original dirty rapper Blowfly will be putting on his superhero outfit at Emo's tonight to perform his x-rated rap songs. Born in 1945, this guy was 2 Live Crew long before there was even an audience for overtly explicit songs about nothing but sex. In 1965 Blowfly recorded what many people consider the first rap song ever, and his music has been sampled by people like Jurassic 5, Wu Tang Clan, Method Man, and others.

Foot Patrol opens with "funk grooves, punk spirit and highly danceable shake-the-junk-in-your-trunk rhythm and blues soul music." If you wanna see this one, Do512 is giving away a bunch of tickets at the link.