Monday, April 20, 2009

Kurt Vile

Philadelphia native Kurt Vile and his band The War on Drugs turned a few heads in 2008 with their debut album Wagonwheel Blues, drawing comparisons to Bob Dylan, Spaceman 3 and Tom Petty. On his solo recordings Kurt Vile creates hazy, psych-folk tunes that lean more toward the territory occupied by artists like Devendra Banhart.

His recent release, God Is Saying This to You, is a perfectly laidback compilation of "blazed singer-songwriterisms" with sparse guitar and atmospheric effects. On his myspace page, Kurt Vile describes his music as sounding like “when you wake from a long and glorious slumber, then you realize you don't have to go to work, then you fall back into long and glorious slumber.” Here's to slumbering.