Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Bat for Lashes

The new Bat for Lashes album is out and it's outstanding. Bat for Lashes is a pseudonym for Natasha Kahn, a half British and half Pakistani musician, and Two Suns is her followup to her critically acclaimed debut Fur and Gold. The debut fell just short of the Mercury Prize and I think she makes another solid case for the award this year. The album shows just how broad Khan can be vocally against an impressive subterranean ambient sound.

It's great when you listen to an album and you can feel that the artist loves and believes what they are trying to convey through their music. She's bold in this album and oozing with confidence. The album revolves around the idea of duality in life. She explores this through fables and even creating a character Pearl who is both enticing and chaotic. The sixth track "Siren Song" provides a lot of basis for that, it's a pretty fantastic song. This album gets some percussion help from the band Yeasayer on a few tracks.

This album will be on many, many "best album of the year" lists. You should pick it up. The entire album is also up on
Oh yea, and she's already released the single "Daniel" for the album, check out the cover for the single.