Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Crystal Stilts

Crystal Stilts have a sound that mixes "post-punk gloom with classic 60s pop and garage, Suicide-ish 50s buzz/twang and a dash of 80s jangle." The Brooklyn-based band generated a lot of buzz in 2008 with their debut album Alight of Night, and just last month they released a new single featuring two brand-new songs. Here is the word from Slumberland Records:
"Love Is a Wave" is a firm favorite of the band's live show, a perfect two-minute pop nugget in the best punk rock tradition. B-side "Sugarbaby" is no slouch either, sounding for all the world like The Clean if they had been produced by Lee Hazlewood back in Arizona in the late 50s.

With a spookily evocative keyboard line, breathless backing vocals and undistorted twang, "Sugarbaby" could be from 1959, or 1969, or 1989. But it's pure 2009, and another great example of how Crystal Stilts have managed to mine rock's past and create something entirely new and crucial for today.

Crystal Stilts were also recently featured on Daytrotter, where they performed two unreleased songs. Here are a few words and one of those unreleased tunes from the session:
"He sings about distorted time or distorting time and it applies to everything in a Crystal Stilts song – the vacant stares that seem to come out of the corners of the tune, the coolly smoking atmosphere and the smart efficiency of all of the sounds that these four come with."
And here's some live action from Pitchfork.tv, starting with "The SinKing":


jason baxter said...

Crystal Stilts play Seattle this week: