Monday, April 20, 2009

Photos - Dan Deacon at Emo's

Dan Deacon came to town on Friday and brought a full band to help him pull off the material found on his new album, Bromst. I'm just going to be honest and admit that I drank too much at a happy hour and ended up missing the show, but I did have a photographer and a few friends on the inside who assure me that everyone had an awesome time. The Decider was there and they said the same thing, just a bit more thoughtfully. From their review:
"Approachable and affable, he joked around and made everyone feel welcomed, eschewing any sort of indie-rock star complex. And that's what makes Dan Deacon so dangerous: Before you know it, sweaty, dancing bodies surround you with circuit-bent synthesizers blaring in your ears, and strobe lights flash hypnotically. All eyes are on Dan, and you’re helplessly following his every command, having way more fun than you thought was possible."
Since I can't hold my liquor I'll have to let these pictures do the rest of the talking. All photos by Ed Lehmann. Click here to see more of the show, including Teeth Mountain and Future Islands.