Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ducktails LP

Ducktails is New Jersey native Matthew Mondanile, who creates psychedelic beach-pop using nothing more than a few loops, a guitar, and a Casio keyboard. After putting out a handful of various cassettes and singles, the debut Ducktails full-length album was released earlier this month on Not Not Fun. SXSW tells me there are several follow-up albums in the works too.

This brand of experimental pop goes really well with a pair of headphones and a heightened (ahem) state of mind. Not Not Fun describes the sound well:
"Plastic palm trees. Beach scene snowglobes. Airbrushed neon sunset hotel paintings. All shining examples of potent Fake Escapism at work, in real life. And if you’ve ever wondered what the audio equivalent of this kind of cheap coastal utopian simulacrum is, take a good listen to the recorded works of Mr. Matt Mondanile aka Ducktails, a crazy talented suburban New Jerseyan who serves up masterpiece after blasterpiece of shimmering, smoke and mirrors exotic fantasia, rainbow psych-pop muzak for imaginary helicopter rides over crystal lagoons and lost waterfalls."