Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fleet Foxes at The Fox

Here is a high-quality recording of Fleet Foxes live at the Fox Theater in Oakland, California on April 21st, 2009. The set list is below, minus two new songs with unknown names. I found that sweet photo of the show right here. If you like the sound of this, there is another Fleet Foxes live set posted here. Head over to myspace and the BBC to see what's new.
  1. Sun Giant
  2. Sun it Rises
  3. Drops in the River
  4. English House
  5. White Winter Hymnal
  6. Ragged Wood
  7. Your Protector
  8. My Only Son
  9. Furr (tease)
  10. Oliver James
  11. ?
  12. ?
  13. He Doesn't Know Why
  14. Mykonos
  15. Katie Cruel
  16. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
  17. Silver City
  18. Blue Ridge Mountains