Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Fresh

Here's some party tunes to send you into the weekend on the right foot. I'm thinking about doing this kind of thing every Friday from now on, saving this spot for any good dance-disco-DJ type stuff I come across. These first five are all from the NYC production duo Streetlab.

Streetlab remix rock, dance, and electronic music as well as anyone I've heard recently. They have added their touch to everything from Zeppelin, Creedence and the Stones, to Crystal Castles, Chemical Brothers and Hot Chip. Best of all you can download most of their stuff in high quality, for free, at Hit up RCRDLBL for some background info.


daviso said...

my fave from Streetlab is still their gimme shelter redo. shear awesomeness. I had it on the hold music at work for over a year.