Thursday, May 14, 2009

Here We Go Magic

You know after the first couple months of this year I was really wondering where the music of 2009 has been hiding. Sure, we got a great Animal Collective album and a pretty solid Dan Auerbach album, but I still felt like things were moving slow. Well things are picking up. Bat for Lashes and Wooden Shjips released some mammoth albums and a few quality ones are starting to accumulate.

That brings me to this Here We Go Magic album: it's good, it's real good. Some albums you just enjoy, you don't care what other people could say or think about them. You know? Yea, you know. I really love this album and I'm not exactly sure why, I just do. The critics are coming on board too (I mean Pitchfork even kinda liked it). This album is the work of Brooklyn native Luke Temple, it's not his first album but its his first under the "Magic" name. It's also not the first time the Curiosity has let you know about Magic, it was a notable show at SxSW that we so kindly pointed out. Here We Go Magic is scheduled to play ACL, they're definitely already on my schedule.